Commercial banks Japan

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The basis of the banking system of Japan – nationwide. banks. The total volume of capital amounting to about 80% of the total capital of the entire banking system of the country.
Nationwide banks include city banks, regional banks, regional banks, second-class, long-term credit banks and trust banks. The core credit of the banking system city banks are. Japanese banks are the largest financial groups: banks “DIGITE Kanggye Bank”, “Sakura”, “Fuji Bank, Mitsubishi Bank, Asahi”, “Sanwa Bank, Sumitomo Bank, Tokai Bank”. Most of their headquarters are located in Tokyo and Osaka.

Regional banks, like city, are also commercial, but inferior to them in terms of capital and operations. They are situated mainly in small and medium towns. Regional banks second phase (second level), as a rule, have little capital, they dominated the operations with individuals and small businesses. In recent decades had intensified the interpenetration of city and regional banks trust banks specializing primarily in the conduct of trust operations.